Click the following links to listen to the phrases and write down the words in pinyin. You can check the answers by clicking here.

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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. Why didn't Peter come to the class yesterday? Answer

  2. Why didn't Peter's class study Lesson 10 yesterday? Answer

Reading and writing

Translate the following dialogue into Chinese. Please email your answers to Hu Bo.

  • -         May I ask if you are free now?

  • -         What’s the matter? (What matter do you have?)

  • -         The teacher didn’t come today. I want to ask you some questions, is that alright?

  • -         Why didn’t the teacher come?

  • -         I don't know. Her family has matters.

  • -         Right. Do you want to ask me now?

  • -         Can I?

  • -         I am sorry. I am sick now. Is tomorrow ok?

  • -         I am going to Beijing tomorrow.

  • -         Oh. How long do you need?

  • -         Half an hour.

  • -         Ok. You need to pay me a meal, alright?

  • -         Yes.