Click the following links to listen to the phrases and write down the words in pinyin. You can check the answers by clicking here.

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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. What does Tom do? Answer

  2. Why did I visit Tom today? Answer

  3. What did I buy for Tom? Answer

  4. How much did I spend? Answer

  5. When is Tom going back to school? Answer

Reading and writing

Translate the following dialogue into Chinese. Please email your answers to Hu Bo.

  • -         My mum does not let me go to Beijing.

  • -         Why?

  • -         She said that she does not have money. How much is it to go to Beijing?

  • -         I don’t know. You don’t need her money. Your dad gives you money, right?

  • -         Yes. But my mum is holding my stuff/things.

  • -         When is it that you want to go to Beijing?

  • -         December. My friends also go.

  • -         That’s good. I will have a look at my time. I also want to go.

Supplementary words:

To say – 说 shuō

But – 可是 kě shì