Click the following links to listen to the phrases and write down the words in pinyin. You can check the answers by clicking here.

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Listen to the passage and answer the following questions.

  1. Does Tom know his brother phone number? Answer

  2. Why did he ask me to phone Peter? Answer

  3. Who is Peter's good friend? Answer

Reading and writing

Translate the following dialogue into Chinese. Please email your answers to Hu Bo.

Written Assignment

  1. -        Please look at L10.

  2. -        Teacher, I don't understand L10. Could you tell me what to do?

  3. -        What do you not understand?

  4. -        I don't know how to say ‘call Tom’

  5. -        Did you not come on Monday?

  6. -        No. I was sick.

  7. -        You should have called to tell me that you were sick

  8. -        I don’t know your telephone number. You did not tell me. How can I call you?