Listening Comprehension

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  1. Describe Xiao Li.
  2. Why does the overseas student think that Xiao Li would like the friend who he is going to introduce?
  3. Where are they going to meet?
  4. Who is intended the boyfriend?

Reading and writing

Written assignment

Please translate the following sentences into Chinese:

1 You live in a modern era. You don’t even have a computer. Even the poorest people in the developing countries may have computers.

2 – I think that beautiful people have more chances these days than people who are not beautiful.

  - Maybe. But it is how well one can work that is most important.

3 – This is impossible. People who get money from the government earn more than I do.

  - Yeah. The question is how much more.

  - I think that they get twice as much as I do.

  - Oh. See, that’s why you work hard. You are helping people who need to be helped.

  - Oh, I think that now I need help much much more than anyone in this country.

4 - Can one get married before he has not graduated from university?

  - I don't know. How long have you been in the university?