Listening Comprehension

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  1. Should Chinese language teachers get more money? Why?
  2. Explain why Chinese language teachers are getting poorer.

Reading and writing

Written assignment

Please write an essay of at least 300 characters about your work experience. In your essay the following information should be covered:

1.      A chronological account of the jobs that you have done, i.e., what were/are your duties; where they were/are; your bosses/colleagues; etc.

2.      What do you think of these jobs?

3.      The interesting and frustrating parts of these jobs

In your essay, you should also use the following structures:

1.      ------


3.      以后

4.      因为---,所以---

5.      一边---,一边---

6.      Resultative complements, e.g., 完,错,好,etc