Listening Comprehension

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  1. Why British young people take evening classes?
  2. What can one study in evening classes?
  3. What do some of the Chinese and Japanese language classes do in the summer? Why?
  4. Has the number of Chinese language teachers increased after China becoming a member of the WTO?

Reading and writing

Please translate the following paragraph:

Here is my plan for the summer. It might change later, but for now it looks pretty good.

I will go to China first. My company sends me there to join a trade organisation. Not I will join it but my company will. They have bought the plane ticket for me. Believe me it is much more expensive than flying to France. I have been looking at the weather forecast lately. China is getting hotter and hotter day by day. I hope to travel around China for two weeks. I can go to see the historic sites and beautiful sceneries while learning to speak some Chinese.

After travel in China, I will fly to Spain. My friend is getting married there. Because she is my best friend, we have know each other for over ten years, so I have to buy her a truly lovely gift. En, what will be a nice wedding gift? Will you have any suggestions?