Listening Comprehension

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What are the differences when travelling in China between last year and this year?

Reading and writing

Please translate the following conversations:


-          Hello! How can I help you?

-          I need to change some pounds and send them to my daughters who is studying in the university in the UK.

-          Ok. How much would you like to change?

-          Could I ask what the exchange rate is?

-          Oh. It is 1 pound for 9.8 yuan, much cheaper than before.

-          Great! How much do I need to pay for wiring the money to her?


-          Are you going to Australia?

-          Yes. It is very far from England.

-          How are you going to get there?

-          I will fly to Singapore first, change my flight there, then fly to Australia.

-          Book your hotel?

-          Yes. After I get off the plane, I will take the bus to the hotel, about 35 mins, or I will just take a taxi, if that’s faster.