Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

Arriving at a hotel B | 旅 馆 登 记 B


A is a British student who has just got to a hotel from the airport in the early evening.

B is the hotel manager, Mr. Li.

Tasks for B, the hotel Manager, Mr. Li

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. Tell A that a single room costs 300 Yuan a day. Tell A that there are no single rooms available. A double room (双人房 shuāngrén fáng N) costs 400 Yuan a day.
  2. Tell A that the hotels in the area cost more or less (差不多chàbuduō ADV) the same and that yours is one of the cheapest ones. Secondly, people usually book ( dìng V) their rooms in advance (预先 yùxiān ADV).
  3. Tell A that as it is late in the evening, it will be difficult to find a place which meets his/her requirements.
  4. Tell A that since he/she is staying for just one night you can let him have one of your reserved (保留 băoliú) single rooms, but it is on condition (条件 tiaojian N) that he/she leaves by tomorrow at 12:00, otherwise you will be in deep trouble (给我带来麻烦 gĕi wŏ dài lái máfan EXP).
  5. Tell A that he/she you must see his/her passport before giving him/her the key (钥匙 yàoshi N) to his/her room.
  6. Tell A that there is a currency exchange desk in the second room on the left down the corridor (走廊 zŏuláng N).   
  7. Tell A that you'll give him a local map and recommend a few good places to eat.