Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

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Each of the following eight topics consists of two or three sets of role-play scenes. Each scene will need two or three people to play the roles. Each player must prepare all of their tasks which are colour coded before engaging dialogue with their partners, but a player must not look at their partners’ tasks. During the conversation each player must make sure they understand what their partners have said. If necessary, a player can ask their partners to repeat or re-phrase sentences. As these are practical exercises, the sentences in the role-play must be kept simple, effective and realistic. The aim of these exercises is to get the information through to the other person clearly and fluently. One does not have to use the words provided in the task sheets. The vocabulary in the Information page sections could be learnt passively, as they are signs in public places and the information of form filling. These exercises can be carried out both in the classroom or can be used as short sketches with improvisations.  Sample dialogues are provided for each session on this website to give students a general guideline of how the conversations are carried out by native speakers. However, they are not the only correct versions of the conversation.