Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

Sentence patterns for booking a ticket in a hotel | 在旅馆订机票句型

Study the following sentence patterns first.

  • 麻烦您máfan nín Can I please trouble you…[A polite way to ask someone to do something or to ask a question. It should be followed by a question or a statement of request.]
  • 订一张票?dìng yī zhāng…piào I would like to book a ticket for… [The description of the ticket is placed before.]

E.g.  订一张明天去西安的飞机.

  • 怎么才能 zěnme cáinéng…What should I do to …/how could I… [Hereindicates that the following action 买到一张飞机票can only happen under a certain  condition. In another words, the speaker thinks that the action is difficult to achieve.]

E.g. 怎么才能买到一张飞机票呢?

  • 能不能用信用卡付?Néng bùnéng yòng xìnyòngkǎ fù? Could I pay it with a credit card
  • Nà…In this case… [It indicates that the speaker changes his or her mind because a different situation.]

E.g. 我就付现金吧!

  • 到时dào shí….then…/at that time …[到时 implies that when the time comes. Usually there is a preset circumstance which is described in the previous clause.]

E.g.  明天上午八点您就可以来拿票了到时我把多余的钱一起退给您。