Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

Leaving China and going though customs A | 出境 A


A is a Chinese customs officer.

B is a British student who is leaving China for Hong Kong.

Tasks for A, a Chinese customs officer

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. Ask for the Customs Form which B filled in when s/he was entering the country.
  2. (Check the form and find 1 item is missing.) Ask him/her where the digital  movie camera (摄像机 shĕxiàng jī N) is.
  3. Suggest that B has given it to his/her Chinese friend, as it says on his/her travel documents (旅行证件lǚxíng zhèngjiàn N) that B was visiting a friend in Beijing. In this case he/she ought to pay customs duty ( shuì N), which means 200% of the original price.Ask B how he/she can prove(证明 zhèngmíng V/N) that the digital movie camera have been stolen.
  4. (Look through the note written by the hotel manager.) Say to B that there is no suggestion in the note of the camera being stolen, but that it says that B has lost it.
  5. Ask B to open his/her suitcase and tell B that you would like to see all the receipts (收据shōujù N) for the goods which B has bought in China.
  6. Tell him/her that if  B wants to change RMB (人民币 Rénmínbì N) back into sterling (英镑 Yīngbàng N),  B will need the receipt which proves that B changed the sterling into RMB in the first place.