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Looking for a job 2B |

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Looking for a job & going to a job interview [Part 2]


A is a British student in Taipei who is looking for a job at an English language school

B is the director of Number Three Taipei Continuation School

Tasks for B, the director of Number Three Taipei Continuation School

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. (Conversation is based on Advertisement 2.) Welcome A. Ask A if he or she has lived in the USA
  2. Tell A that many students at your school prefer to learn American English. You would like to have somebody who knows American English.
  3. Tell A that you have read his or her c.v. (简历 jiănlì N) and you know that A has taught English on and off for over a year. Ask A which level    (程度 chéngdù N) he or she can teach.
  4. Tell A that the class he or she is going to teach is a big one and that the students’ levels vary.
  5. Tell A that he or she has to provide his or her own teaching material.
  6. Ask A how many hours a week he or she can manage.
  7. Tell A that you will let him or her know if he or she gets the job by the end of next week.