Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

Looking for a job 3A |

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Looking for a job & going to a job interview [Part 3]


A is a British student in Beijing who is looking for a translation job

B is a Chinese person in charge of the translation section of the Beijing Export and Import Company

Tasks for A, a British student in Beijing

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. Tell B that although you haven't done very much of this kind of work, you are a student of Chinese and you have done a lot of similar exercises in the classroom.
  2. Ask B if you have to do the work at the company or if you can take it home and do it there.
  3. Ask B what the workload will be.
  4. Tell B that you would like to take the job, as it will also help you to learn more Chinese.
  5. Ask B when you can start the job.