Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

At a Hospital A | 看 大夫 A


A is a British student who has come to a Chinese hospital because he or she is feeling unwell.

B is a Chinese doctor attending to the British student.

C is a Chinese nurse (played by B).

Tasks for A, a British student

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. You are running a fever and you think that you have got flu (重感冒 zhòng gănmào N). Now you are in hospital. Ask a passing nurse C where you can see a doctor.
  2. Tell C that you have just arrived in China, and that you have not been to this hospital before.
  3. Fill in the following form.



























  1. After completing the form, hand it to C, and wait for further instructions.
  2. Tell B that you sometimes feel that breathing (呼吸 hūxi V/N) is difficult.
  3. Tell B that you have been feeling like this since the previous day.
  4. Tell B that you are not a smoker and have never had these kinds of symptom (症状zhèngzhuàng), so you are rather worried.
  5. Suggest that you might have some sort of inflammation (炎症 yán zhèng N).
  6. Ask B if he or she could give you some antibiotics (抗生素 kàng shēng sù N) or any other western medicine to get rid of your fever (退烧的西药 tuì shāo de xīyào N).