Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

At a Hospital B | 看大夫 B


A is a British student who has come to a Chinese hospital because he or she is feeling unwell.

B is a Chinese doctor attending to the British student.

C is a Chinese nurse (played by B)

Tasks for C, a Chinese nurse

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. Ask A if he or she has been to see a doctor here before.
  2. Tell A that he or she must register at this hospital before seeing a doctor.
  3. Ask A to fill in a patient record form and ask him or her to sit down on the bench (长凳 chángdèng N).
  4. Tell A that you are going to take his or her temperature (体温 tĭwēn N).
  5. Tell A that his or her body temperature is 38.5.
  6. After completing the formalities, tell A to go into Room One to see the doctor B.

Tasks for B, a Chinese doctor

  1. Ask A if there is any other discomfort, apart from running a fever of 38.5 (发烧 fā shāo V-O).
  2. Ask A how long he or she has been feeling like this.
  3. Ask A if she or he is a smoker, and if she or he has had similar (相似 xiāng sī de ADJ) symptoms (症状zhèngzhuàng) before.  
  4. After checking, tell A that it is difficult for you to tell what is wrong.
  5. You would like A to have an X-ray and a blood test (验血 yàn xuĕ V-O) tomorrow morning before breakfast.
  6. Tell A that you will prescribe (开药方 kāi-yàofāng V-O) some Chinese medicine for him or her, to ensure a good sleep.
  7. Tell A that you can't give him or her unnecessary medicine. If it is a virus (病毒 bìngdú N), antibiotics will not work.
  8. Ask A to calm down (镇静一点儿zhèn jìng yìdiănr SV), to go home to have a good rest, and to come and see you tomorrow morning.