Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

At the station ticket office A | 车 站 售 票 处 A


A is a student from Britain who wants to go to Nanjing.

B is a Chinese ticket office assistant.

C is the station manager; and a person at the front of the queue.

Tasks for A, a student from Britain                                                                              

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. Ask C, the person in front of you, if you are in the right queue for tickets to Nanjing.
  2. Tell B, the Chinese ticket office assistant, that you want to buy a hard seat single student ticket to Nanjing. Tell B that you should be treated as a Chinese student as you have a Taiwanese student card (学生证 xuéshēng zhèng N).
  3. [ANGRY] Argue that Taiwan is part of China, so a Taiwanese student card should be treated in the same way as a mainland Chinese one. If you can't get a hard seat ticket with your Taiwanese student card, ask to see the manager.
  4. Tell the manager that it is important that you leave for Nanjing today, as you have a very urgent matter to deal with there tomorrow.
  5. If C, the station manager, tells you that the tickets are sold out, accuse B of incompetence and of causing your trip to be delayed (耽误dānwù V.).
  6. Thank the manager for his/her help.