Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

At the station ticket office C | 车 站 售 票 处 C


A is a student from Britain who wants to go to Nanjing.

B is a Chinese ticket office assistant.

C is the station manager; and a person in the front of the queue.

Tasks for C, a fellow passenger standing in the queue; a station manager

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.


  1. (In the role of a fellow passenger.) Tell A that you are also queuing for a Nanjing ticket.
  2. (In the role of a station manager.) Very politely ask A not to shout in public, and ask A to go to your office. Agree with A and promise (保证 băozhèng V) that you will solve the problem.
  3. (In your office.) Tell A that you will definitely sell A a hard seat ticket to Nanjing.
  4. Check the list and tell A that today's hard seats to Nanjing have just sold out. Ask A if he/she could travel tomorrow.
  5. Offer A a soft berth ticket for today at the hard seat price, as compensation.
  6. Give A the ticket and tell A that the train is leaving for Nanjing from platform 6 in half an hour.