Multimedia Role Play for Chinese

On the train A | 在 列 车 上 A


A is a British student is travelling to Nanjing.

B is a Chinese train attendant.

C is a Chinese passenger in the same compartment; and a station manager on the phone.

 (Carriage 2, which is for soft berth passengers, is on platform 6. The train attendant is standing by the carriage door to let the passengers on.)

Tasks for A, a student from Britain

Make the conversation as realistic as possible by greeting each other at the beginning and by using small talk. Try to anticipate the flow of the conversation by looking at the following prompts.

  1. You discover that the luggage shelf is full. Politely ask C to move some of his/her luggage down and put it under his/her berth (床铺 chuángpù N), as your berth is on top. Have a chat with C.
  2. Ask B, the attendant, where the buffet car is (餐车 cānchē N), and ask B if European meals are served.
  3. You suddenly realise that you have lost your wallet (钱包 qiánbāo N).
  4. Tell B that you think you might have left it in the station manager's office when you were buying the ticket. Explain the situation to B and ask for his/her advice.
  5. Although there wasn't much money in it, it contains your credit card (信用卡 xìnyòngkă N).
  6. Thank B for his/her help.
  7. Ask B to open the window for you. Ask B for another blanket (毯子 tănzi N) as the heating (暖气 nuănqì N) in your compartment isn’t working properly.
  8. Tell B not to wake you early in the morning, as you don't eat breakfast and would like to sleep in.