Listening comprehension practice for Practical Chinese Reader

Click on "Listen" to hear the passages spoken. Place the mouse on the questions to view the answers.

Lessons 1-24

1. Describe Ding Yun's house.  Listen

2. Who is Gubo? Listen

3. When Did Ding Yun ask Gubo to drink tea?

4. What pictures did Ding Yun show Gubo?

5. What did Gubo say to Ding Yun after he looked at the pictures? Listen

6. Why did Ding Yun want to go to England?  Listen

7. What did Ding Yun's schoolmates give her for her birthday? Listen

8. What is their supper like?   

9. Why did Gubo ask Ding Yun to sing a Chinese folk songListen