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The closest meaning of 你想用吗 [nĭ xiăng yòng ma] is
would like to
1.你正在用吗 are you using (it)? 2. 你要用吗 do you want to use it? 3. 你想有人要用吗 do you think someone wants to use it? 你想用吗would you like to use it? The modal verb is placed before the main verb of a sentence. For instance, 我想买车 I would like to buy a car.

你正在用吗 [nĭ zhèngzài yòng ma]
2. 你要用吗  
[nĭ yào yòng ma]
3. 你想有人要用吗
[nĭ xiăng yŏurén yào yòng ma]