Lesson one Eating (part one)

Week four 复习

Use the following word-order-table to form sentences

Word order

subject (nouns and pronouns) adverbs and modal verbs verbs description of objects object (nouns and pronouns)
  I, me Duō  (to be) more, many, much  Chī   eat Shénme  what Cài    green vegetable, dishes of food e.g. zhè ge cài this dish
    you Shăo (to be) less, few Xĭhuān   like   Miàntiáo   noodles
Tā    he, him; she, her Xĭhuān   like Hăochī   to be nice to eat   Niú ròu   beef
Zhège   this one Bù   not     Fàn   cooked rice, meal
Nàge   that one       Shénme   what


How do you say the following sentences in Chinese? Try to say the sentences in Chinese before clicking on the links

1. He/she likes you    Play Media

2. I don't like eating English food    Play Media

3. What dishes do you like to eat    Play Media

4. What do you like    Play Media

5. She eats noodles    Play Media

6. Fish is nice to eat    Play Media

7. I like eating more Chinese food    Play Media

8. Eat less English food and eat more Chinese food     Play Media

9. I'll eat some noodles. What would like to eat?  Play Media

10. You eat a little more Chinese food.   Play Media


Listening to the following sentences by clicking on the following links. Hover the mouse over "Answer" to view the answers.


Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer