Lesson one Eating (part one)

Week three 多吃点这个少吃点那个;吃饱了吗

Learn the following two sentences

1. Duō   chī  yìdiăn  zhè ge,     shăo chī yìdiăn nà   ge .    
    more eat  some  this one    less  eat some that one      
2. Chī băo le ma        
    eat full   le ma      

Play Media  Eat more this and eat less that.

Play Media  Have you had enough (food)?

Duō and shăo are  used as adverbs in the above sentence. When an adverb appears before a verb, it describes the manner or the way that an action is carried out. For example, duō chī  implies that someone is intentionally eat more. Yìdian some is quantifier. A quantifier should be placed after a verb. For example, chī  yìdiăn fàn  Eat some rice.

The word băo to be full is placed after the verb chī to eat. The expression chī băo means that to eat till full. The particle le is placed at the end of the phrase of chī băo to indicate the change of situation. The expression chī băo le means that the speaker has eaten enough and feels very full NOW. The question particle ma is placed at the end of the statement chī băo le to form a question. Chī băo le ma means that have you had enough (food)?

New words

yìdiăn Play Media    some
ma Play Media question  particle

Supplementary words


Play Media   fish
Miàntiáo                           Play Media   noodles


Use the following word-order-table to form sentences.

Word order
subject (nouns and pronouns) adverbs and modal verbs verbs description of objects object (nouns and pronouns)



Duō    Chī   yìdiăn Zhège   this one

Chī băo (to  be full by eating)

  Nàge   that one
        Fàn   cooked rice, meal
                      Cài    green vegetable, dishes of food e.g. zhè ge cài this dish
        Shénme   what


Listening to the following sentences by clicking on the following links. Hover the mouse over "Answer" to view the answers.

Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer

Now you should be able to say the following sentences in Chinese

The fish is nice (to eat). I'll have some fish. Play Media
Are the vegetable noodles nice (to eat)? Play Media
I like eating beef noodles. Play Media
English fish is nice (to eat). Play Media
This dish has a lot of meat and it is not nice to eat. Play Media
You eat more beef. Play Media
I eat vegetable, but don't eat beef. Play Media
I am full and can't eat anymore. Play Media
(You) eat more the dishes that you like to eat. Play Media
What dishes are nice to eat? Play Media