Lesson two Drinking (part one)

Week three 你已经喝了五杯了

Learn the following two sentences

Nĭ   yĭjīng      hē     le wǔ  bēi         le .    
you already drink le five classes le      

Play Media  You have already had five glasses.


New words

Yĭjīng      Play Media    already. It is used as an adverb in sentences. Yĭjīng is placed before a verb.
Le Play Media Le is an aspect particle to indicate that an action has already taken place. For example hē le hĕnduō jiǔ (I) drank a lot of wine.
The end of sentence le in the above sentence indicates that up to this particular moment (now). This usage of le only works when a quantifier is placed after a verb. The above sentence means that so far you've had five glasses (but you are still drinking). Without the end of sentence particle le, for example, nĭ hē le wǔ bēi jiǔ it means that you had five glasses (of wine).This refers to the action that took place yesterday or before.
Bēi Play Media glass, cup It is used as a measure word in the above sentence. A measure word is used when expressing quantities in Chinese. For example, wǔ bēi júzi shuĭ five glasses of orange juice.

Supplementary words

Yī Play Media   one  
èr Play Media   two  
Sān Play Media   three  
Play Media   four  
Play Media   five  
Liù Play Media   six  
Play Media   seven  
Play Media   eight  
Jiǔ Play Media   nine  
S Play Media   ten  

Say the following sentences in Chinese by using the word-order-table below

I've already had my meal; how many (duōshăo) dishes did you cook; I cooked ten dishes; I had three glasses of orange juice; did you have any alcohol?

subject adverbs verbs description of objects object



 Nĭ     you                                      

Yĭjīng   already   Chī le  
ate (number) ge or  bēi   Zhège   this one  or Nàge   that one     he, she  

Hē le    drank

  Cài    dishes of food or chá tea         Shénme   what



Listening to the following sentences by clicking on the following links. Hover the mouse over "Answer" to view the answers.

Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
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Play Media Answer


Now you should be able to say the following numbers in Chinese


Twenty three Play Media
Fifty four Play Media
Sixty eight Play Media
Twelve Play Media
Thirty nine Play Media
Forty seven Play Media