Lesson three Shopping (part one)

Week four 我没有零钱。别找了。

Learn the following two sentences

Wǒ méiyou   líng qián. bié     zhăo               le
I      not have changes. Don't give changes le

Play Media  I don't have any changes. Don't give me the changes (keep the changes).

 New words

Líng qián Play Media changes Líng pieces qián money líng qián means small pieces of money
Zhăo   Play Media to give changes. zhăo qián to give changes (to somebody). Zhăo has another meaning which is to look for. For example zhăo qián can also mean to look for money.
Bié     Play Media don't  It often ends with the phrase with particle le which indicates the change of a situation. For example bié hē le don't drink anymore (stop drinking).

Use the following word-order-table to form sentences.


subject verbs object
Wǒ   I bié  zhăo   don't give the changes qián    money
   you zhăo      look for shénme   what
   he, she  



Listening to the following sentences by clicking on the following links. Hover the mouse over "Answer" to view the answers.

Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer
Play Media   Answer


Now you should be able to say the following sentences in Chinese

I 'm looking for my mobile phone Play Media
Don't look for him anymore. Play Media
You don't buy a computer for him Play Media
He didn't give me any changes Play Media
What are you looking for? Play Media
(Drinking) what can get you drunk? Play Media
Don't buy this one. That one is cheap Play Media
I don't have any changes. Play Media