Lesson three shoping (part one)

Week three 一共多少钱

Learn the following two sentences

Yígòng        duōshao   qián?

All together how much money      

Play Media  How much is it all together.

New words

Yígòng Play Media    All together. It is used as an adverb in sentences. Yígòng is placed before a verb or adverb. For example wǒ yígòng zuò le shí ge cài I cooked ten dishes all together.
Duōshao   qián Play Media How much is it? This is a useful expression when shopping in China. Duōshao how much (is it) is a Chinese question word. In the above sentence it is followed by the word qián money. The expression means how much money. If in a real situation one could say zhè ge duōshao qián How much is this?

Supplementary words

Yóuxì pán

Play Media   computer games  
Shǒubiăo Play Media   watch  

Say the following sentences in Chinese by using the word-order-table below

How much is the iPhone? Do you have anything cheaper? How much is the Apple Computer? Could you please change a red one for me? How much is that red watch? How much all together?

subject verbs

Shǒu jī    mobile phone

Diàn năo    computer

Duōshao qián How much is it Xié   shoes   Yīfu  clothes  


Listening to the following sentences by clicking on the following links. Hover the mouse over "Answer" to view the answers.

Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer
Play Media Answer


Now you should be able to say the following numbers in Chinese


How much did you spent on food? (How did you spend on eating?) Play Media
I spent a lot on alcohol. (I spent a lot on drinking.) Play Media
Could you please change this pair of shoes for me? Play Media
I would like to change some Chinese money (rénmínbì RMB) Play Media
This watch isn't cheap. Play Media
I bought four iPhones. Play Media