Basic Spoken Mandarin

6. Exchange money

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New words Additional words New phrases
Sterling (BPS) 英镑 Commission 手续费 Change Pounds Sterling to RMB 英镑换人民币
Change hundred, thousand, ten thousand 1001,00010,000 What is the exchange rate? 兑换率多少
RMB (PRC Chinese currency) 人民币 ...per cent 百分之... What is the exchange rate for Stirling to RMB? 英镑换人民币的兑换率是多少
Exchange rate 兑换率 123456789,  10 123456789, 10    
How much 多少        


How do you say

Where can I change money? Is there a bureau de change in the hotel?

How much money do you want to change?

1,000 Sterling. What is the exchange rate?

How much commission do you charge ?

10%. Thank you! Good bye!

Where are you going to change your money?

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