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Basic Spoken Mandarin

5. shopping 

 Place the cursor on the following English words to view the Chinese word order and the Pinyin for pronunciation guidance. Click on the the Chinese words or the headphone icons to hear the pronunciation.

New words New phrases Additional phrases and words
This How much is this? 这个多少钱 Many
[A common measure word for objects] Is this for sale? 这个卖不卖? few
How much 多少 It's too expensive. 太贵了 That
Money Do you have anything cheaper? 有便宜的吗 Big
Sell I'm not going to buy this. 不买 Small
Extremely, too     No good 不好
Expensive I am having a look 我看看 123456789,  10 123456789,10
Cheap, reasonable (price) 便宜 What would you like (to buy)? 买什么 Hundred
[A sentence particle implies excessiveness]     I, me


How do you say

How much is that? This is too expensive. That is too big. Do you have anything cheaper? Is this for sale? I don't have much money. This one is no good, that one is good.

It's too much / many.

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