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All the stand-alone Chinese language classes will take place in afternoons at the Institute for Chinese Studies Walton Street. The detailed timetable for these classes will be published on this website in 0th Week MT 2009. The students who are interested in attending these classes must read the following information.

There are four levels all together for this programme. (Please see the attached descriptions of the classes.)

If you are a beginner, you should attend the classes for the basic level.

Please click here to download the Induction Registration Form Please send the form to Ms Hu Bo at

Basic level

If you are taking the basic level classes, you will be asked to attend an intensive course in 0th week MT. The intensive course will take place in Room 205 and the Language Laboratory of Institute for Chinese Studies, Walton Street

0th Week MT10

  M 5th Oct W 7th Oct Th 8th Oct F 9th Oct
9:30 -11:00 Class Class Class Class
11:00 - 11:30 Tea break Tea break Tea break Tea break
11:30 – 1:00 Class/lab Class/lab Class/lab Class/lab

Other levels

If you have learned Chinese before, you should take a language assessment test, so that the Chinese Department will be able to allocate you to an appropriate class. The two-hour language assessment test consists of the reading, writing and translation skills. It will take place at 2 pm, on 5 October 2009, in Room 207, Institute for Chinese Studies Walton Street.

For more details please contact

Mr Shio-yun Kan at


Ms Hu Bo at