2nd Year Week 4 TT03


Topic: Examinations or a modular system: which one works better

Translate the following sentences (162 words) into Chinese.

Q1. I am currently in my last semester and due to medical reasons, I was unable to sit for my examinations. I was told that I have to re-take those modules in another semester. Re-taking those modules would cause a delay in my graduation by another semester. This will affect my financial situation. Will the Faculty allow me to do a re-sit rather than a re-take of those modules?

A1. The Board of Examiners will consider such cases on the merits of each case.

Q2. What happens if I am barred from the examination of a module? Can I just re-sit the module in the next examination?

A2. You will be deemed to have failed the module and this will be recorded in your transcript as F*. The transcript will also state that you have been barred from the examinations for that module.

You will have to re-take the whole module or switch to another module, subject to approval by the Department/Programme.