2nd Year Week 6 TT03

Topic: Recycling: is it worth the bother?

Translate the following sentences (155 words) into Chinese.

Office waste causes concern

A special office under the State Environmental Protection Administration has begun a series of activities to collect, sort and recycle office waste related to the information industry.

Batteries, computers, printers, printing accessories and other unused office equipment are items that IT companies often discard for recycling. They may add unwanted clutter to office buildings.

The Office of China Green Channel and the Beijing Industrial Hazardous Waste Management Centre say they will place special collection bins for those willing to pay for collecting and sorting the contents.

The environmental protection administration founded the China Green Channel on the eve of last year's World Environment Day.

Clients would put waste into the bins after sorting it, then the office and its partners would regularly gather it, an China Green Channel official told China Daily.

Environmental protection authorities would then dismantle and dispose of the waste, said China Green Channel director Yang Jingzeng.