2nd Year Week 8 TT03

Topic: Discuss the generation gap

Translate the following sentences (219 words) into Chinese.

The increasing use of the Internet has increased the generation gap between many Chinese urban residents and their children in households that have access to the Internet.

While a growing number of middle school students indulge in surfing on the Internet and on-line chat, many of their parents still do not know how to use a computer keyboard.

The widening gap has recently drawn much publicity following reports that several middle school students have left their homes without saying good-by and have remained missing for weeks in Internet-related cases.

The students are believed to have left their homes to meet those with whom they fell in love via the Internet, or to devote their time to Internet gaming.

Two junior middle-school girls in Shanghai, identified by their Internet names as "Rag Doll" and "Yang Xue", have been missing for two months in an Internet-related case, the Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News reported earlier this week.

Their parents, still in shock, have come to realize their own responsibility for the disappearance of their daughters.

In an e-mail to their daughters, the parents wrote "we are sorry to have treated you as just little kids who know nothing, and kept blaming you when we disagreed with."

"We know too little of your inner world."