2nd Year Week 2 TT03


Topic: The war on Iraq: what has it done to US-UN relations?


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Chinese friend is having a conversation with a British official at a reception organised by the British Embassy in Beijing. You have been asked to be their interpreter. The Chinese speaker starts.


Ch       世界上有很多人对美英两国侵占伊拉克有不同的看法。// 因为这场战争没有得到联合国的一致通过//  


B         Yes, there were different views on the military action against Saddam’s regime, but the US and British army have liberated Iraqi people. // This is a great achievement, don’t you agree? // I think it is time for the rest of the world to help rebuild Iraq. //


Ch        我当然同意各国应该一起帮助重建伊拉克,但是这个重建任务必须在联合国的领导下来进行,而不能只听从美国的指挥//


B          US running Iraq is only a temporary measure. // After a short transition period, Iraqi people should govern their own country. Don’t you think so? //


Ch        是啊,但是在这个短暂的过渡时期美国将会把那些对他们有利的政治势力安排在新建的伊拉克政府里。//  这是二十一世纪的新殖民主义做法!//


B          I am sure what you have said is little exaggerated. //  US would like to see peace in the Middle East. //  Introducing a democratic system to the new Iraqi government is beneficial to Middle East peace and world peace.  //


Ch        美国对伊拉克进行战争的另一个理由是销毁伊拉克的大规模杀伤性武器,可是至今美国还没找到这种武器。//  如果找不到,美国怎么跟世界交待//


B          It’s still too early to say and I believe that they will find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in the end. //