2nd Year Week 6 TT03


Topic: Recycling: is it worth the bother?



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A British environmental campaigner is talking to a Chinese businessman about recycling programmes which are to be implemented in different parts of the world. You have been asked to be their interpreter. The English speaker starts first.

E        The UK and the rest of the European Union states have formulated very strict polices on recycling waste. // I think that developing countries, especially those with large populations, such as China, should follow our example and try to save the planet. //

Ch    其实中国一直有着回收再用的意识// 中国开放以前,所有的报纸,瓶等等都得回收。那时候我们也没有任何政策,人们都很自觉地遵守回收再利用的原则。//

E        How come China doesn't  have this type of habit any more? // Do you know that the amount of rubbish that China produces a day is more than we produce here in a year? //

Ch      这是因为自从中国开始实行市场经济以后,西方的那种挥霍浪费的文化都传染给了中国人。// 大家认为用得越多对经济越好。// 中国要发展经济就应该多用。//

E        What you've just said is really alarming. // Imagine what will happen to our planet if a fifth of the world's population is consuming resources without restraint! I don't think there will be anything left on earth after a few decades.

Ch        你这个话说得很不公平。// 你们西方人自从工业革命以就来把地球上的资源都给用得差不多了。// 而现在发展中国家想要发展他们的经济,你们却不允许他们用资源,这简直太无理了!