3rd Year Week 1 TT03

Topic: SARS

Translate the following passages (173 words) into Chinese.

China making positive efforts against SARS, needs to do more: WHO
(April 25,2003 )(xinhua)

China has taken "very positive" efforts in mobilizing people to fight severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), but the health authorities need to do more to allay public fears, World Health Organization (WHO) China representative Henk Bekedam told Xinhua in Beijing Thursday.

The health authorities in Beijing should provide more details of SARS patients and how they contracted the disease so as to reduce unnecessary public panic, said Bekedam.

Anyone with a fever should go to a clinic and see a doctor, regardless of whether they have SARS or not, instead of travelling and going for work, he added.

While noting that in the last ten to 20 years, China has not invested enough in its health system, he believed that the fight against SARS will lead to an improvement in the health system of the country.

"So in three or four years China's health system will be able to deal with all the health challenges in China," he said.