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Lesson 10

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Question: Tell your friend that dinner is ready, and suggest that she should come and eat it.

Hint 1 Hint 1   The resultative word 好 is used
Hint 2 Hint 2   The clause for completing preparing the dinner is 饭 作 好 了
Comments Answer  饭 作 好 了 , 吃 饭 吧 。 Listen
Comments Comments  作 好 饭 了, 吃 吧
zuò hăo fàn le, chī ba is a suitable alternative. 作 好 饭 了 zuò hăo fàn le is a normal V-O pattern. 饭 作 好 了 fàn zuò hăo le places the emphasis on the topic 饭 fàn , which is the object in the above alternative answer. The resultative word  好 hăo  implies completion of the action 作 zuò  to cook. However, it can also imply perfection of an action. For instance, the resultative word   好 hăo , as in 您 收 好 啊 nín shōu hăo a in the main text, implies that one should put something away properly and safely.
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