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Question: The closest meaning to 我想洗几件衣服 [wŏ xiăng xĭ jĭ jiàn yīfu] is
is not used as a question word in this sentence. It means some.
1 我想洗多少件衣服 how many clothes shall I wash? 2 我想洗衣服I would like to wash some clothes. 3 我想洗两三件衣服 I would like to wash a few clothes. 我想洗几件衣服 I would like these clothes to be cleaned.

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1. 我想洗多少件衣服
[wŏ xiăng xĭ duōshao jiàn yīfu]
2. 我想洗衣服
[wŏ xiăng xĭ yīfu]
3. 我想洗两三件衣服
[wŏ xiăng xĭ liăng sān jiàn yīfu]