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Question: The closest meaning to 我们都是取衣服的时候收钱的 [wŏmen dōu shì qǔ yīfu de shíhou shōu qián de] is
都是 implies that the action of 收钱 always takes place at the time of 取衣服.
1 我们都是来取衣服的 we are all here to collect clothes. 2 收钱的时候能取衣服when the money is paid, the clothes can be collected. 3 来拿衣服的时候再交钱 pay when you come to collect the clothes. 我们都是取衣服的时候收钱的 It is always like that: you pay when you collect your clothes.

Choose the answer
1. 我们都是来取衣服的
[wŏmen dōu shì lái qǔ yīfu de]
2. 收钱的时候能取衣服
[shōu qián de shíhou néng qǔ yīfu]
3. 来拿衣服的时候再交钱
[lái ná yīfu de shíhou zài jiāo qián]