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Question: The closest meaning to 这是取衣服的单子, 您收好啊 [zhè shì qǔ yīfu de dānzi, nín shōu hăo a] is
收好 refers to单子.
1 您收好衣服 take your clothes. 2 您收好单子 take your receipt. 3 您收好衣服和单子take both your clothes and your receipt. 这是取衣服的单子, 您收好啊 this is the receipt for collecting your clothes. Please keep it.

Choose the answer
1. 您收好衣服
[nín shōu hăo yīfu]
2. 您收好单子
[nín shōu hăo dānzi]
3. 您收好衣服和单子
[nín shōu hăo yīfu hé dānzi]