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Question: The closest meaning to 这条裙子我八号上午要穿 [zhè tiáo qúnzi wŏ bā hào shàngwǔ yào chuān] is

Hint: 八号上午is the time clause for 要穿这条裙子.

Choose the answer
1. 我八号上午要穿这条裙子
[wŏ bā hào shàngwǔ yào chuān zhè tiáo qúnzi]
2. 这条裙子我要穿到八号上午
[zhè tiáo qúnzi wŏ yào chuān dào bā hào shàngwǔ]
3. 八号上午以前我要穿这条裙子
[bā hào shàngwǔ yĭqián wŏ yào chuān zhè tiáo qúnzi]