Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 11

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Question: You find that your Chinese friend has borrowed extra quantities of books from the library. You are surprised and ask her how she can borrow so many books from the library.

Hint 1 Hint 1   呵 can be used to show one's astonishment
Hint 2 Hint 2   Try to use 这 么 or 那 么
Comments Answer  呵, 你 怎 么 能 从 图 书 馆 借 来 那 么 多 书 ! Listen
Comments Comments  呵
is used to show that one is surprised by a large quantity or by good quality. 呵 is always placed before phrases which contain 那 么 nàme or 这 么 zhème . For instance, 呵 ! 那 么 多 人 ! nàme duō rén oh, so many people; 呵! 这 么 多 钱 hè! zhème duō qián oh, so much money; 呵! 画 得 那 么 漂 亮 hè! huà de nàme piàoliang oh, so beautifully painted.
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