Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 11

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Grammar exercises


Question: You meet a friend in the post office. Tell him you have come here just to buy some stamps.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 就 for emphasis
Hint 2 Hint 2   就 is placed before verbs
Comments Answer  我 来 这 儿 就 买 些 邮 票 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 我 来 这 儿 就 买 几 张 邮 票
wŏ lái zhèr jiù măi jĭ zhāng yóupiào. 就 jiù can be placed before a verb or modal verb to emphasize the action, as in 我 就 喜 欢 喝 酒 wŏ jiù xĭhuān hē jiǔ I only like drinking alcohol. If a number is involved in the object of a sentence, then the emphasis of 就 jiù is on the number word, as in 我 不 要 多 买, 就 买 两 张 wŏ bú yào duō măi, jiù măi liăng zhāng I don't want to buy too many, just two will do.
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