Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 12

Video and text
Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises


Question: Ask the shop assistant if the clothes which you asked for last week have arrived at the shop yet.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use choice type question
Hint 2 Hint 2   Use the 的 construction for the description of the clothes
Comments Answer  请 问 , 我 上 星 期 要 的 那 种 衣 服 到 了 没 有 ? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 我 上 星 期 要 的 那 种 衣 服 到 了 吗
wŏ shàng xīngqī yào de nà zhŏng yīfu dàole ma? The choice type of question for a completed action is V了没有 Vleméiyou, as in 你 吃 饭 了 没 有 nĭ chī fàn le méiyou or 你 吃 了 饭 没 有 nĭ chīle  fàn méiyou?
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