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Lesson 14

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Question: Ask your Chinese friend if she has ever been to a pub.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use the particle 过
Hint 2 Hint 2   过 is placed after a verb
Comments Answer  你 去 过 酒 吧 吗 ? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 你 去 没 去 过 酒 吧
nĭ qù méi qù guo jiǔba or 你 去 过 酒 吧 没 有 nĭ qù guo jiǔba méiyou? The marker 过 guo is used for placing experiences in the past. It comes after the main verb of a sentence. Unlike the aspectual marker 了 le, 过 guo is used in negative sentences as well as affirmative ones. 了 le can be used in a 过 guo sentence for emphasis, as in 你 看 过 中 国 电 影 了 吗 nĭ kàn guo Zhōngguó diànyĭng le ma have you ever seen a Chinese film? 过 guo can also be used for describing actions which one does regularly, or actions which one is expected to do, as in 你 吃 过 饭 了 吗 nĭ chī guo fàn le ma have you eaten? and 你 去 看 过 他 了 吗 nĭ qù kàn guo tā le ma have you visited him?
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