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Lesson 17

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Grammar exercises


Question: Tell your friend that your classmates' Chinese is not as good as yours.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 没 有 construction
Hint 2 Hint 2   都 is placed before 没 有
Comments Answer  我 同 学 的 汉 语 都 没 有 我 的 好 。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 我 同 学 的 汉 语 都 没 有 我 的 汉 语 好
wǒ tóngxué de hànyǔ dōu méiyou wǒ de hànyǔ hǎo. 没有 méiyou  ...not as stative verb as.... For instance, 你的书 没有我(的)多 nǐ de shū méiyou wǒ (de) duō you don't have as many books as I do. The affirmative form of this construction, 有 yǒu, is generally used in questions to compare one object with another. For instance, 你 的 书 有 我 的 多 吗 nǐ de shū you wǒ de duō ma do you have as many books as I have?
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