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Lesson 18

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Grammar exercises


Question: Tell your friend that he has written the character incorrectly.

Hint 1 Hint 1   Use 错
Hint 2 Hint 2   错 is placed after verbs
Comments Answer  那个字你写错了。 Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively:你写错了那个字
nǐ xiě cuò le nà ge zì or 那个字你写得不对 nà ge zì nǐ xiě de bú duì. 错 cuò is placed after a verb to indicate the outcome of the action. For instance 听错 tīng cuò to mishear something 看错 kàn cuò to misread something. However, 错 cuò cannot be used in a V 得 de construction. For instance one cannot say: 你写得很错 nǐ xiě de hěn cuò; instead, one should say: 你写得不对  nǐ xiě de bú duì you have written incorrectly.
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