Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 2

Video and text
Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises
Multiple choice


Questioning image Question: You know your friend is going to attend a class. Ask her the time of the class she is attending.

Hint 1 Hint 1   You do not have to mention the noun 课 class
Hint 2 Hint 2   的 should be used
Comments Answer  你 上 几 点 的 ? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 你 几 点 上 课
nĭ jĭ diăn shàng kè? What time are you having your class? If a topic is known in conversation, it can be omitted. A description or attribution can be made, and is then followed by 的 de. 这 是 谁 的 票 zhè shì shuí de piào? Whose ticket is this? 是 我 学 生 的 shì wŏ xuésheng de  It is my student's.
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