Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 4

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Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises
Multiple choice


Questioning image Question: Tell your girl friend that it was not that you would like to see a Peking opera, it was that you wanted to be with her.

Hint 1 Hint 1   不 是 ... 是 ... sentence pattern is used
Hint 2 Hint 2   和 somebody 在 一 起 to be with somebody
Comments Answer  我 不 是 喜 欢 看 京 剧 , 我 是 喜 欢 和 你 在 一 起 。 Listen
Comments Comments  不 是 ... 是 ...
búshì…shì… sentence construction is used to deny one statement and confirm another. Both 不 是 búshì and 是 shì clauses are followed by nouns or phrases, as in 不 是 我 的 语 法 不 好, 是 语 法 太 难 了 búshì wŏ de yǔfă bù hăo, shì yǔfă tài nán le it is not that my grammar is weak, it is that the grammar is too difficult.
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