Chinese Multimedia

Lesson 4

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Listening and speaking
Grammar exercises
Multiple choice


Questioning image Question: Your classmate has just told you that your teacher is not coming today. Suggest to the classmate that in this case you should all go home.

Hint 1 Hint 1   那
Hint 2 Hint 2   吧 is used for suggestion
Comments Answer  那 我 们 都 回 家 吧? Listen
Comments Comments  Alternatively: 那 么 我 们 都 回 家 吧
nàme wŏmen dōu huí jiā ba? Or 那 我 们 都 回 家 好 吗 nà wŏmen dōu huí jiā hăo ma?If 那 is placed at the beginning of a sentence it implies: if this is the case.
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