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Question: The closest meaning to 王大, 现在忙吗 [Wáng Dàpéng, nĭxiànzài máng ma] is

Hint: 王大朋 is a name
Comments: 1 王大朋现在忙不忙 is Wang Dapeng busy now? 2  小王的朋友很忙吗 Is Xiao Wang’s friend very busy? 3  你忙,王大朋也很忙吗 you are busy, is Wang Dapeng busy too?    王大朋, 现在忙吗 Are you busy now, Wang Dapeng?

Choose the answer
1. 王大朋现在忙不忙
[Wáng Dàpéng xiàngzài máng bu máng]
2. 小王的朋友很忙吗
[Xiăo Wáng de péngyou hĕn máng ma]
3. 你忙,王大鹏也很忙吗
[nĭ máng, Wáng Dàpéng yĕ hĕn máng]