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Question: The closest meaning to 儿看 [tā bú shì xĭhuān zài nàr kàn shū, tā shì xĭhuān zài nàr shuì jiào] is:

Hint: 不是construction
他不喜欢看书,他喜欢睡觉 he likes sleeping not reading. 2  他在那儿睡觉,不在那儿看书 he is having a nap there, but isn't reading there. 3  他不是看书就是睡觉if he doesn’t read, he sleeps. 他不是喜欢在那儿看书, 他是喜欢在那儿睡觉 it is not that he likes reading there, but that he likes sleeping there.

Choose the answer
他不喜欢看书,他喜欢睡觉 [tā bù xĭhuān kàn shū, tā xĭhuān shuì jiào]
他在那儿睡觉,不在那儿看书 [tā zài nàr shuì jiào, bú zài nàr kàn shū]
他不是看书就是睡觉 [tā bú shì kàn shū jiù shì shuì jiào]